The Cheeky Fox Floor Rug Design


With CartMagician AR, your customers can virtually ‘place’ all types of products in their home, studio or office before they buy. Making your e-commerce store more convenient and importantly providing an additional level of confidence to consumers when shopping for the right product online.

Try AR for yourself – Open this page on your device, then tap on the visible ‘View in AR’ button or ‘AR icon’ to see how augmented reality works for yourself. Best of all there are no customer apps to download with CartMagician WebAR.

credits: unknown artist.

How did we create this product in AR?

Great question. This product was converted into AR using the CartMagician’s Augmented Reality Platform and free AR templates that replicate real-world products you can simply copy and paste to your website.

In addition we installed the CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR plugin to seamlessly add AR content into WooCommerce websites.

Time to create this product: less than 2 minutes.

Use a different web or e-commerce platform?

No problems. The CartMagician platform exports optimised AR content to any web or e-Commerce platform. Simply login to connect your website and you are ready to start converting and viewing your products in AR!


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