Road Trip Designer Cushions


With CartMagician augmented reality, your customers can virtually place a digital twin of your products at life size in their home, studio or office before they buy. Making it easier and more convenient to choose the right product while shopping online.

Try AR for yourself – Open this page on your device, then tap on the ‘View in AR’ button or ‘AR icon’ shown on the feature image to see how it works for yourself.

credits: cody-mclain, unsplashed.

How to use this site

Step 1: Open this page using Safari or Chrome on your iPhone/iPad (iOS13) OR Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Samsung browser on Android phone/tablet AR supported device.

Step 2: Click on your favourite category and select one of the products view the product details.

Step 3: Tap the image with the USDZ Icon for Apple Augmented Reality Google icon and your device will load the augmented reality enabled product content.

How to create on your site?

This online virtual gallery demo was created with CartMagician’s augmented reality platform and the CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

CartMagician’s augmented reality platform is helping the creative art community convert 2D images of their artworks and/or 3D models into WebAR in a matter of seconds  – No experience required and all you need to do is upload your image then copy and paste the converted files generated automatically by CartMagician into your online gallery. If you are using WooCommerce the CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce plugin makes it even easier to setup.