Curtain Design Style Two

This curtain product demo was created using CartMagician’s 2D conversion tools and one of the free pre-rendered AR Templates that CartMagician offers to online retailers.

To create your very own all you need to do is upload an image of your fabric design in JPG/PNG file format, choose one of our free AR templates and select the ‘Start Conversion’ button. Easy!

CartMagician automates the entire conversion process into AR in a matter of seconds and outputs all the files you need to add onto your website product page.

Give it a try. Open this page using your mobile device and view in AR.

In this example we have added a ‘View in AR’ button shortcode generated by the CartMagician Pro WooCommerce plugin that appears when viewed on your device, simply tap and view the product in WebAR.


How to view this product in AR on the web

QR Code

Scan the QR code with your mobile device to open this page URL using Safari or Chrome mobile web browsers on either your Apple iOS or Android supported device.

Tap the visible  USDZ Icon for Apple Augmented Reality Google icon or 'View in AR' button to load the product using WebAR and display in front of you.