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art and photography virtual AR gallery

We built this e-Commerce website to show you how you can transform online products from a range of industries using CartMagician’s Augmented Reality Platform, AR templates and CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR plugin.


Take a look around and you’ll see how using AR can help customers choose the right product, boost brand engagement and increase online sales conversions.

How to use this site.

Step 1: Scan the QR code below with your device to open this web page using your preferred website browser. eg. Safari, Chrome or Firefox on your Apple iPhone/iPad (iOS12+) OR Chrome, Edge or Samsung browser on your Android phone/tablet ARCore supported device.


Step 2: Click on your favourite product category and select one of the products to view the product details.


Step 3: This e-Commerce website demo allows customers to view products in AR in two ways on their mobile device. You can tap the ‘View in AR’ button displayed on the product page or the ‘AR icon’ featured on the main product feature image.

See how your products could look

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Pocker Face Beach Towel in AR

With CartMagician AR,

SOLD Where the Wild Things are artwork in AR

With CartMagician AR,

View Wallpaper Designs in AR and Buy
SMEG Limited Edition Fridge

What tools were used to create this CartMagician ONLINE SHOP Demo?

CartMagician AR Platform

For this e-Commerce website we convert our online products into AR using the CartMagician Platform. 

For 2D artwork and design items were created using CartMagician’s powerful 2D to AR Conversion tool and CartMagician’s AR Templates that replicate real world products.

The conversion process is quick, fully automated and exports optimised AR ready files to almost any website or eCommerce platform.

You can also convert 3D models that you already have using the online 3D to AR Conversion tools.  CartMagician also hosts AR content and connects to your website in seconds.

Learn about creating AR content and products


CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR Plugin

For this website we installed CartMagician Pro for WooCommerce AR plugin which allows users to view AR as they shop online using a mobile device.

An easy to use plugin for WooCommerce store. Once installed shop owners can easily add augmented reality (AR) products to their WordPress eCommerce store. This website demo showcases a range of products ready for customers to view using product augmented reality as they shop online.

The CartMagician Pro plugin allows website customers to place and view products in AR with a simple tap of a button. Providing greater convenience and engaging shopping experience to your product range anywhere, at anytime.

Learn about adding AR into your WooCommerce WordPress store